12 September 2008


Read an article in a craft magazine about fairy doors.... yep. Apparently in Ann Arbor in the States, they are quite common and have come about due to the urbanisation forcing the fairies to venture into homes and offices. How splendid is that?

Lil G was quite excited by this and a bit upset when I told her that the only fairies we seem to get here are garden ones.... (I know, but she's 5!). Not happy with that.

So when she gets home from school tonight (she has a dinner date with her boyfriend, Toby, first) (yes, I know..) she'll find that the little folks have moved in.

It's only made from a bit of cardboard, painted and bits added, but I think she'll like it. xx


Crafty Wanderings said...

Cool! I bet she'll love it!

Why do we only have garden fairies?
Where can I find them cos I haven't got a garden? Maybe they'll move into my house too! LOL!

Zoe said...

Ah bless,how cute!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and regards to printing directly onto tissue paper, I have to say it worried me a bit but I just made sure it was securely taped to quite a thick piece of card and it didnt move at all. It printed a lot easier than I expected it would.

a message from gillyflower said...

oh how sweet she'll love that
i just love kiddies at this age their minds are so open to wonderful stuff like this shame we have to grow up isn't it

a message from gillyflower said...

oh meant to say know you from DC but only came accros your blog through kathleens blog but so glad i have found it as such gorgeous work will be back again soon no doubt

Dawny P said...

Oh to be 5 again, Now have you vetted that Toby??? Is he suitable for lil G do ya think or does Aunty PP need to give him a talking to??

Bet she loves that door. And aren't you a lovely mamma to do that for her xxxxxx

Tara said...

How cute is that?! Any fairy would be glad to live behind that door! xx

Tracey said...

Aww Debs, you are such a fab mum, it's gorgeous.... or was it just an excuse to play..he he he, I hope this Toby fella is good enough for her and will spoil her just like her mum and dad..!!! Love Tracey x