28 September 2008


Look at this.
Have you ever seen anything more sorry for itself??? Bless her. It's driving her barmy and she's got to keep it on for at least another week.
Should have got one of these collars for Lil G, to stop her picking at the scab on the end of her nose. Luckily, it doesn't look like her nose will be bent when it's fixed. It's just a bit 'bulbous' at the moment, but it's getting back to normal.
Thank you all for you good wishes xxxx


Macpurp said...

awwww bless her! these colors drive them mad! but better that than them nibbling the wound! we always used t-shirts on our girlie dogs when they were spayed or had ops...worked a treat....but not with Poppy....wee brat escaped every blinking night...woke us at 3 am and presented us with the tshirt!!

get well soon Fidgit!
Hope Lil G's nose is better soon too xx

Lesley said...

awww bless her....she looks soooo cute....hehehe.....xxxx

Sharon said...

Awww! That look is enough to rip your heart out; poor sweetie. Has she got used to the doorframes yet?

NGCARDS said...

awww bless!!!! Sounds and looks like they're both in the wars bless em xxx