17 May 2008


So I managed to cough up three more cards last night for this exhibition. Rushed them over this morning before the visitors arrived. This is one of them. I can't believe how hard Swiss Dots are to work with - they're so easy to squash and I spent ages poking them out again!

And the church where the art is on display is damp so some of them are wilting slightly, but they'll do.

This one was OH's idea and it came out really well, I think. There was language when I tried to get the metal ring onto the ribbon, though, without bending it! There must be a better way of doing.

The good news is that the guy who runs the Art class whose work is being exhibited has asked me to come in as a guest and do a class in card-making! Get me, eh??!!! Not sure I'm good enough at cards myself yet, but I'll give it a go! TFL x

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Julie said...

I'm sure you'll be fine, well done