17 May 2008

These are the last two. I credit the incredible Sue Nelson as the inspiration for the wedding one and my hubby again for the simple Congrats card.

Luckily the Congrats card took just minutes to make, cos the Wedding one took flippin' ages. I had to make sure that the three sections sat together as one without much of a join being visible.
I do wonder if I'm the best person to teach anyone anything about card-making LOL! xx


cindersmcphee said...

cards are lovely

Michelle said...

Hi Deb,

I have got a tutorial about making those Cuttlebug cards printed out somewhere in my inspiration file, I really must give it a try! Yours look great! And I love the black framed gingham card with the added flowers - never would have known they weren't part of the grand design, good old serendipity hey!
cheers from Down Under!