28 May 2008


... is really fun... NOT!! But off we went last weekend to sunny Norfolkshire. And it was sunny but really really really windy. I suppose a good clue to the expected climate should have been the wind turbine farm behind the campsite, but hey!

So the man told us where to pitch and we fought with the tent for an hour and eventually got it up, just as the man came back and told us that we were in the wrong place!! So we moved. Then our friends turned up and we had to do it all again!

Saturday was baking hot but very very windy again. We went off to Great Yarmouth and couldn't believe how quiet it was. Not a soul around. Half of the attractions were empty so our two little girls - Lil G and our friend, Amy - went on everything in sight and had a fantastic time.

On Sunday, it started to rain. We headed home but had to go via West Runton to the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, where Lil G's adopted shire horse, William, lives. It's a lovely place and the animals are so well looked after there, it's a joy to see them.

I have never been so happy to see my bed as I was on Sunday night! xx


Julie said...

makes me glad my camping days are over! sounds like fun really

Shirley said...

i was never into camping, but sounded like you all had fun, even the tent fun lol