2 May 2008


Just realised I haven't posted anything for quite a few days now.... can't believe it's May already, either!!

Had some good news this week. My lovely (quite old now) Lexus passed her MOT - I must confess I was expecting quite a large bill, not because there's anything wrong with her, just because that's the way my luck's been going lately LOL!

AND most of my order from Ohmycrafts arrived - yay! So lots of lovely new Cuttlebug folders to play with... watch this space for new stuff!

AND Lil G is now a Rainbow (baby Brownies - didn't have 'em when I was little!) and she loves it! x


Sharon said...

I bought my folders from Oh My Crafts & love all of them!!
Can't wait to see what you do with them.
My youngest has had her name down with Rainbows since she was one (my middle daughter was there at the time) but can't join until September as she's not 5 until August. All her friends are starting before here & she's getting really frustrated. Hope Lil G enjoys it, I'm sure she will.
Sharon :-)x

Sue said...

Hi Debs, just wanted to say hi. I had your blog address down incorrectly so could not drop by to say thanks for your comments on mine.

It's been a long time since my girls were at Brownies, one is in her last year of uni and the other is due to go this year. I really miss them being as cute as your Lil G.

Bye for now. Sue

Vikki said...

Hi Debs

My sister was in the Rainbows when she was little and loved it!

It's taken me a while but I've managed to respond to your 'tag' - well, nearly, I've got 5 facts about myself, still working on the other 2!!

Vikki x

Cass said...

I'm sure Lil g will love the Rainbows. Love your little motto at the top of your blog,it made me giggle.

Cass xx