29 May 2008


Well I don't really know what to say. Not been having too much fun lately, what with my back injury rearing its ugly head AGAIN and having hubby signed off for yet another month with his run of bad health AND I'm still job-hunting.

Went to a local farm shop today on a sort of recce to see what papercraft stuff they sell. The idea was prompted by someone who saw some of my cards at the exhibition the other weekend and who thought I should try to sell them. However, they already have about 3 stands with different sorts of cards. But here's the stinger - they're 'hand finished'. This means they are mass produced and then the topper just stuck on and a ribbon tied around, so there's no real effort gone into them and they can supply them by the bucket. I can't compete with that. However, on returning home, my neighbour suggested that I should try with my bookmark cards (I made the oriental ones for the expo) as they are so different. She says I should aim for the niche 'posh and hand-made' market. Anyway, going to knock up a few and take them around and see....Bit disheartened, though.

So when I was sent messages saying that I had been given another TWO awards today, it really cheered me up. I have been given these by Tara, Manda and Zoe - thank you so much, ladies. Really made my day!!

Finding others to pass these onto is quite difficult as most of the blogs I admire/visit/steal from (LOL!) have already got them, but there are few of my favourites still without - for some strange reason! - so I'll pass this one (YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!) to Cathy, Sara, Emma and Gina for about a million reasons, mainly for being fab and having a similar outlook on life as me. Hugs to you all xxx

The second award was the KREATIV BLOGGER. This one I'm giving to some folks whose cards and creations are a constant source of amazement to me. The first person I'd like to award is Julie. Her blog is lovely and her cards are incredible. She has an amazing eye for colour and detail and her workmanship is gorgeous. The second person is Vicky. Not only does she make great cards, but has recently started altering shopping bags. They are fantastic and so cleverly done. Oh, and she's a great mate, too! And lastly (but by no means leastly LOL!) is Donna. I first saw her work on DoCrafts some time ago and I've always loved the unique style she has and her workmanship is superb. So there you have it. There are so many talented crafters out there that I can only dream of emulating but who have already been given these awards; and justifiably so! It sounds a bit twee, but I really feel humbled to have the same awards as some of these peeps! xxxxx


Cathy said...

Thanks Debs - I am well chuffed.
Have you checked out my blog candy - its up on Saturday!
PS while I'm here I'll have a browse as I haven't visited for a few days.

Emma said...

Debs...I just wish I had an award for you with diamonds on it...because you deserve it after this week! Thanks for everything babe and I really hope you feel better soon. You should have said as I would not have bothered you!! Lots of love to you and Georgia,xxx

Julie said...

Hey Debs thanks very much, I'm really sorry to hear you've been having such a bad time lately and hope things start picking soon.