30 April 2008


If you read the previous ramble about leaving one craft site and moving to pastures new, you'll have seen that I was quite disgruntled about the treatment we received at the hands of the moderators for no other reason than they were worried about upsetting their stockists.
Well, we've found a new home and so far it seems pretty cool. We've now taken up residence on TrimCrafts (http://www.trimcraft.co.uk/index.php) and quite a few of our friends are there, too! Take a peek and see what you think...


Crafty Wanderings said...

It's a great forum! I'm loving it and it's so good to meet up with friends from the other place!

Hope to see picture of LilG in her Rainbows uniform!

Take care - Ruth x

Cass said...

I just joined yesterday.See quite a few familiar names there.

Cass xx

Sharon said...

I paid a quick visit the other day & recognised some names & faces. I noticed on docrafts today that another thread has stated up complaining about Artymiss lets see what happens this time LOL!!
Sharon :-)x