24 April 2008


Lovely Lorraine over at Scrapmetal's Retreat has tagged me and apparently I now have to tell you 7 facts about me and then pick 5 others to tag!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

1. I HATE shopping. Of any kind. Unless it's online. Even grocery shopping. You'd have to pay me to get to MeadowHell or anywhere... unless it's a craft shop, of course!

2. I used to live on a boat.

3. I grew up in the south of France and went to a French school.

4. I spent 3 hours in a flight simulator. I have actually flown a Chinook and a Gazelle helicopter for real, too.

5. My ambition is to drive an Aston Martin.

6. I have lived in France, Germany, Gibraltar and New Zealand and spent time in Holland, Tunisia, Singapore, Bali, Aruba, St Lucia, Grenada, Curacao, Greece, Malaysia, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Morocco, Japan; I've holidayed in many more but I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO THE U.S.!! Yet..... (and O/H has barred me from travel agents!!)

7. I have very long nails. I have never bitten my nails and I HATE fake ones. Always looked after mine and have a morbid hatred of squared-off plastic ones!!

Are you still awake? Oh good. Thanks for reading LOL!

I'm going to pass this onto Mrs VH, Foxcrafts, Vikki, Pink Gem and Shari, ha ha ha!!!



Janet said...

Gee thanks Deborah!lol already done this one too! Didn't realize you had a little Westie. Have you ever looked in on Terrier Talk. It is a great forum just for terrier lovers. Only a few members but it is very active.The peeps on there are lovely and love to see new members and pics of their dogs. Never any nastiness either as they wouldn't allow it. I have been a member for 2yrs. There is a few Westie owners on there including Laura the founder.

Karen said...

Hi Debs, I have just found you blog via Janet's Pink Gem. I have been having alook at your gallery and love your cards. I also am a Pink petticoat fan. I have a westie also, who looks very like your Fidgit. Where in Lincolnshire do you live - my sister lives in Horncastle and she has two cairn terriers one of which is the same colour as Janet's Gem. I will take a picture of my Westie Benji and my cairn Jambo and put them on my blog.


samgirl said...


thanks for commenting on my blog so I could then come and see yours :) Great stuff ... I'll be back too!!

Zoe said...

Hi, I just responding to your post on my golfing card about the false stitching. All I do is prick small holes equally spaced (about 0.5cms) with my pokey tool, and then just draw a straight-ish line!