21 April 2008


I don't mean work out how to emboss text off the printer. Oh no, gave up on that idea. The embossing pen was a great idea (thanks, Foxy) but it's just too thick and I couldn't make it look neat. So I'm sticking with the idea of printing it in a shade of grey that looks silver. Thanks for the ideas, lovely peeps!!


Today at ten o'clock I will put on my patch and stop smoking. I hope. After 20-odd years. I'll feel better, I'll be able to breathe properly, I'll have more money, I won't be one of those sad folks standing outside in the rain and wind like a social pariah, there won't be fag ends everywhere AND Lil G will stop nagging me!! I'm doing it for her as much as for me.

I've tried before, many times. But this time, I HAVE to do it.

I only started cos I was living in France and all my school friends smoked. I was already the odd one out, being English, and I thought it was a cool thing to do. How stupid is that?

So spare a thought for me today. Off for a final fag now!!!


Cass said...

Good luck with the stopping smoking. I've never smoked so can't understand how difficult it must be. Sending positive vibes though!

Cass xx

Zoe said...

Good Luck, I'm sure you can do it, I Did! I stopped 4 years ago when I had my little girl Rebecca. Before that I used to smoke about 20 a day! and quite enjoyed it too! but I am so glad I gave up and will never smoke again. I have tried one since, when my little Rebecca was very poorly and it made me fell so ill so that put a stop to that! I found it hard giving up, but being pregnant was my incentive, it might be a bit extreme though! Zoex

Crafty Wanderings said...

Hope all goes well! Why not save all your smoking money so that you can buy even more crafty items to add to your stash.

Ruth xxx

Manda said...

Awwww hun, i wish you so much luck with this, know it's hard. I've nominated you for an award too on my blog, maybe that will cheer you up a bit? Mand xxx

Vicky said...

Hey girl...you go! you can do it! im sorry i cant understand it properly as I have never smoked one cig! but the reason you are doing it for, is all worth it...your little girl. i agree with crafty wanderings... within a few weeks you can buy a whole heap of crafty stuff!
good luck!!

Julie said...

I do wish you well in this Debbie

craftypixie said...

Good luck with the NO smoking
i done it for 7 mths then started again grrr will try again after my wedding in sept...too scared to stop now as i dont wasnt to gain weight
Think of all the crafty bits you can buy :)
wendy x

#Donna# said...

Good for you, I am on the patches too, 5 weeks last friday. There has been ups and downs but i'm so proud of myself and i can't believe the money i seem to have, ok i'm lieing i've spent it all on craft stuff but hey i deserve it. But most of all I SMELL BEAUTIFUL. Good luck, you'll do it.