13 April 2008


Today would have been my lovely Dad's 76th birthday.

Lil G still talks to him and I know he's laughing himself silly watching her antics as she grows up (she was only just 1 when he was killed), but I really wish he was here to teach her DIY and other stuff she loves. He would have been thrilled to see the cards and stuff she makes!!

Miss you, Dad xx


Shirley said...

Happy birthday to your Dad.
I am sure he is always with you and LilG xx

Just call me G said...

Its not hard to see where Lil G gets her cheeky grin from... (YOU) x

Vicky said...

he look so caring and kind, im sure he is still watching over you both to keep you out of trouble! :)xx

Sharon said...

Hope you got through today Ok, you have a beautiful little girl to keep you cheerful.
Sharon x