27 April 2008


So, a very good friend of ours sadly died last week. He wasn't so old and he didn't suffer, whichi is a blessing, and he was a priest. He was a true gentleman with a very dry sense of humour and one of the most genuine people I've ever known. There won't be a funeral as such; it's going to be a Service of Thanksgiving, with no black. A celebration of a wonderful person.

And I had to make a card for his wife. I really don't like making these cards. When Dad died, we got hundreds of them. I know they are to show that people care, but I couldn't look at them. And I've never sent one since, either. But I have made a couple.

But for this man, I didn't want to use lillies. So the idea was something cheerful and bright, just like he was. I made this very simple white and lilac card with just a touch of sparkle. His name is David Dicker and he will be very sadly missed. x


Foxcraft said...

That is a beautiful card - I hope to have a "no black" rule when I die as well. Celebrate the life, don't mourn the death.

Big Hugs xxxx Caz

Cass said...

It's simply beautiful.

Cass xx

Zoe said...

Very elegant, I'm sure it will be appreciated. When I lost my little girl we asked for no black at the funeral and there were only the odd one or two who turned up in black but I remember it as a colourful bright and sunny day. I found it so hard reading the cards and we had so many of them as well, but occasionally I'll sit and have a look through them now.

Cathy said...

That is a really elegant card.
I had to make a card for a dear friend last week - so difficult to do, especially when you know them and their families so well. You have done him proud.

pickle said...

Very hard cards to make.
But you have made a stunning job of it.
Very elegant.
kerry x

Julie said...

a really beautiful card