15 April 2008


Bit upset this afternoon...

After many happy months of belonging to a certain well-known craft website, it all got too much today. There have been a few 'storms' over the weekend on there, but this one was the last straw. So we have de-registered and won't be going back. Such a shame.
Some have said that by leaving I have let them win, but the way I see it, I've voted with my feet and moved on.
The shame of it is that I made so many lovely 'friends' on there. We shared everything: jokes, sympathy, support, hugs, tears, laughter and from time to time some crafting stuff too!!! I left my blog address so hopefully some of them will stay in touch, but I will not condone or be part of an entity which gags freedom of speech. It all boils down to some negative comments made by a user about the shocking service received from a supplier.
If you get excellent service, you shout about it. You should also be able to shout about poor service, too. SUPPLIERS, TAKE NOTE!! We talk to each other!
Hope to see you soon xx


#Donna# said...

Hi Debz, Sorry to see you have left the site but totally understand why, i have registered for a new one that starts on may 1st, www.trimcraft.co.uk. You can register now. Add my blog to yours and we'll keep in touch. Take care Donna x

Sharon said...

Hi Debz
I have been doing so much blogging in the last few days I've only just gone on to docrafts & can't believe what's happened. Then to top it all I've just read the post about you leaving. I'm so sorry you've left but I will keep in touch via the blogs.
Happy crafting
Sharon :-) x

sunnie said...

Hi have'nt ''spoke'' to you before but really sorry to hear that you have left the site. Like Donna I have registered for Trimcrafts so Hope to see you and LilG there. Look after yourselves and Happy crafting.. Trish(sunnie)

ScrapMetal said...

I really admire you voting with your feet, you have more conviction than I do.

I'm sure we'll all bump in to each other blog hopping and the trimcraft site will be ready soon.

Zoe said...

I've not been that forum for some time. When I did I was only being nosey really, never really posted very much. I don't find I have the time to go on there much anymore anyway, blogging takes up a lot of my time now. Most of the people I've come across I did so on that site and Im grateful for that. Zoex

pinkhels said...

Hi Debs and Georgia
I'm so sorry to see you've left the site. I've just opened up a blog as well. Haven't a clue what I'm doing but will keep trying. I hope you join the new site, I've signed up for it as I don't want to lose touch with all the people that helped me out so much after I had my operation.
Take care
Helen (Reader)

Stacey said...

Hi Debz, in all honesty, I think docrafts just went in too heavy handed - they've issued an apology now but it's a bit late isn't it? I'm sorry to see you go but thank goodness, I have you listed on my blog so can hopefully keep up to date with you and LilG on this way. Take care and speak to you soon, Stacey ~x~

Cathy said...

Sorry to see you go - I looked forward to reading your posts and admired your cards. You have a great talent. I am only going on Docrafts for the PB challenge at the mo - I'll see how it goes.
Hopefully we will keep in touch here. I will keep popping back to see how you and LilG are doing.

weeble 36 said...

Hi, you dont know me but i have enjoyed reading your posts on docrafts and I was so upset to hear that you decided to leave the site. Your posts were always so cheerful and funny and your warnings about pink petticoat were fab. Made me chuckle loads. Your cards are great. Gonna miss you on docrafts, however have registered with trimcrafts so hoping to meet alot of the old docrafters on there again in the near future. I wish you all the best in the future and do hope our paths cross again.

princesskitten said...


I always seem to miss out on the 'scraps' on this site - only ever catch up with the 'fall-out' and wonder 'what happened'?

will add your blog to th blog list on my site

Sorry to see you go

xx princesskitten.co.uk

Happy Stamper said...

Hi Debz
Sorry that you have moved, I enjoyed looking in your gallery, haven't got a blog but have put you in my favs and will try and pop over here now and then.
Take care of yourself and little Georgia xxsue ( aka Rachelsmum - with the little gopher and the big green leaves!!)

pink dandelion said...

Sorry to see you have left Docrafts. I enjoyed reading your posts and your gallery is fab. I will keep checking out your blog to keep up with what you are doing (I am trying to set up my own blog at the mo, but havn't got a clue what I am doing). Have registered with Trimcrafts so maybe see you there, or back at Docrafts if you change your mind. Best wishes Debs x

Vicky said...

omg!!! i only realised this evening that all this has happened! im so gonna miss you!!! as i said on docrafts...who am i gonna try to beat to the new images on pp? who can help me with my blog? who inspired me in the first place to make my blog? you, you, you!!!! we have become quite good friends recently i think, so.....please keep in touch!!!


Emma said...

Debs I've only just logged on tonight and am extemely disappointed to hear whats been happening over the weekend. Sending a huge hug to you and Georgia...keep smiling babe as we
all feel the same,x

Foxcraft said...

Hi Guys

I had left a message for you on DC but I just wanted to say that I think a lot of the regulars felt totally fed up with the nastiness on there recently as well.

Take care and I hope to keep track of your fun and games on here instead - having three Lil's of my own I loved hearing all of your stories.

xxxx Caz

Vicky said...

hi hunny! you can get my email adress from going into my profile on my blog...i cant seem to find yours here. i would love to keep in touch though! email me soon!!!xxxxxx

Vikki said...

Hiya Debz

Sorry to see you go from the DC forum but you did what you felt you had to so you can only be admired for that!!

Hope you don't mind but I've added your blog to my 'blogs I like to visit' link.

Vikki x

Janet said...

Hi Debs, sorry you had to leave Docrafts but you did what you felt was right. So glad you are on my blogging list because it means you are still around at the click of a mouse. Thank you for the award by the way. will update later as I am going to have to wrack my brains a bit for some answeres lol